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Not so long ago, and not too far away,
These five faces were whisked away.

By some horrible people,
To a horrible place,
Till their beauty had withered,
A scowl on their face.

They were brutally handled,
Misshapen, and broke
Traded, and passed on
For Meth and a toke.

But due to the efforts
Of one brave and bold,
Who risked his own safety
They returned to the fold

Their healing took months
And one didn’t quite survive
But here they are with us
The famous

“Found Five”

By Dagmar Lucak

The Found Five

The found five were found largely due to the efforts of Rick Easterbrook, the curator of the Hope Arts Gallery at the time of the break in.  He called in some heavy favours, by some people in heavy circles, to recoupe all five of the masks that were stolen from the Gallery.  These masks were bound to cross the border into the U.S. the next morning, if they had not been discovered at just the last minute.

The article below that was in the local papers, had incorrect information purposely, in order for the R.C.M.P. to figure out who knew the real info.  There were in fact 5 masks stolen, not 4 as in the article.  Also, the Gallery was broken into during the night, they were not shop lifted as stated in the article either.  The R.C.M.P. investigators figured that the thieves had a shopping list for very specific items prior to entering the gallery.

All five were returned anonymously.  All five were squished, with the frames broken.  It looked as if someone purposely tried to rip and mangle them before they returned them.  I did manage to restore 4 of the five masks.

 “Shelly Woman of Peace” was given to Rick as a thank you for all the hard work he put into their return. Along with a copy of the above poem I wrote to let out my frustration and joy about the whole ordeal.  It hangs on the wall of his family room still today, in the outskirts of Hope.

“High Water”, the brown one with the Mohawk later found a home in Burnaby, BC.  I’m not sure were he is today.

“Proud Father”  The smaller Black one was the most mangled, and has an incredible story.  While re-stretching his face, a small trickle ending in a tear drop, formed all on it’s own. It appeared to me as though is was caused by a scare, or abnormality between the top and under parts of the leather.  Regardless of what caused it to appear, I found it almost spooky, as if he had really been hurt from suffering this ordeal.  He was later purchased from the same gallery he had been stolen from in the first place.  The man who bought him, told me it really touched something in his soul, and he felt he was meant to have it as a soars of his own heeling of past father issues.  I really hope it did help heel him, or at least serve as a reminder to be a proud Father to his own children.

“Path Finder” was never restored to her former glory, I did the best I could. She ended up hanging in the hallway of my Oma’s home for many years, until her recent passing.  She now resides in the home of my Aunt Trudy and Uncle Tony in 100 Mile House in the BC interior. They also lover her despite her short comings.  She is in the company of two others of my masks they also have in their log house. 

“Huska” The golden girl with the corn silk braids, is one of my most favourite masks.  She was returned to the fold, only to be stolen again!  Yes!...Stolen Again!  She is still out there somewhere, I hope!  If anyone does see here, I would appreciate an email or if you can grab it and some how return it to me, I would be forever grateful!  She has “Shama Shamam” written on the bottom of the leather portion, corn silk braided hair, with corn husk paper-like bangs.  Also missing, but not part of this particular is “Drummer’s Boy” a golden leather mask of a young boy.  This mask had a picture of a native drummer burned into the leather to the left of the stretched face of the boy.  This mask was stolen from another location a few years later, and is still missing.

“The found Five” are today, highly valued for their extraordinary journey.  When someone likes your art enough to break in and steal it, it makes you feel as though your children have been taken from you, it’s horrible, to have them returned, is even more extraordinary, and a blessing!  The price of my art went up, when Interpol had to be notified to watch for them.  A bitter sweet ordeal!

The Found 5

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